discografia Victor del Guio

Techno Adicto - Adeepted Records
So Good - Guide Records
Feel Inside - Old School Department (Switzerland)
Groove - Guide Records, license Cr2 Records (London)
Back 2 Back - Guide Records
Hit It - Guide Records
Cosa De Bossa - Bamboo Music (USA)
Brazilian Girl - Bamboo Music (USA)
I Want It - Ellectrica Recordings (Bulgaria)
Bass Solo - Ellectrica Recordings (Bulgaria)
Baracutanga - Guide Records
The Search - Animal Label
The Reason - Animal Label
Erotic - Guide Records
Check It Out - Guide Records & Crystal Sound Records (Number 1 Top100 Club Djshop.de)
Time - Guide Records & Crystal Sound Records
Tonight Disco - Nervine Records (Denmark)
Exotic Yearning - Guide Records
Sexophone - Crystal Sound Records
Konkachila - Nerivine Records (Denmark)
House Music Lovers - Guide Records
Everybody Dance - Guide Records
45 Rpm - Guide Records (Number 1 Top100 Club Djshop.de)
El Verano Africano - Vegetal Label (Number 1 Top100 Underground Djshop.de)
Give Me More 70´s - Guide Records
Rodajas - Vegetal Label
Sabroso - Guide Records
Looking Back - Real4Play Recordings
Smiling Face - Guide Records
CMon - Guide Records
Dont Stop - Guide Records
Americano - Guide Records
Heavens Door - Guide Records
Brain Teaser - Guide Records
Dark Nights - Guide Records
Party - Guide Records
Its Way - Guide Records
Sex On The Street - Guide Records
Two - Guide Records
Make Me High - Electrotypo Records
Time Of You Life - Vendetta Records (Vinyl)
Sueño Electrico - Selected Records (Vinyl)
Take Me Higher - Selected Soul Records (Vinyl)
No fx - Selected Records (Vinyl)
Baila - Oasis Club Records (Vinyl)
Pues! - Oasis Club Records (Vinyl)
I Gonna Tell You - Oasis Club Records (Vinyl)
Music of Kamasutra - Selected Records (Vinyl)
Feel It - Kitsch Records (Vinyl)
What Get Out Me - Oasis Club Records (Vinyl)
Elements - Kitsch Records (Vinyl)

A77itude - NightLife (Rock Star Music)
Victor Vera - Alligator (Vegetal Label)
Lorenzo Navarro - Disco Record (Guide Records)
Tim Le Funk & Raul De La Orza - Go On (Guide Records)
John De Mark, Roland P - Saxo Stuff (Bamboo Music) Los Angeles, USA
Pepo (Bulgaria) - Hmmm (Nervine Records)
Lorenzo Navarro - Hold On (Vegetal Label)
Roberto De Haro - Ready (Nervine Records)
Moreno & Ferre - Pirotechnia RMX 2010. (Keep It Simple Records)
Lorenzo Navarro - Free Your Body. (Vegetal Label)
El Compas. (Guide Records)
Roberto De Haro - Killer Voices. (Guide Records)
Global Room - Electro America. (Electrotypo Records)
Joseph Finne - Now. (Selected Records) Vinyl
Boston Dj´s - Move Your Body (Kidesol) Vinyl

Miami 2015 - Cr2 Records
The Best Of Guide Records Vol. 1
Souvenir Is Back - Matinee Group Records (Cd)
Marfil Ibiza sesions - Marfil Records 1 (Cd)
Gay Day - Matinee Group Records (Cd)
Woman Platinum - Disco Imperio Corporation Records (Cd)
Party Groove Winter Party 8 - Centaur Music (USA) Cd
Ellectrica Compilation vol 1 - Ellectrica Recordings (Bulgaria)
Uk City Nights, The Club Series - Dark Gadgets Recordings
Welcome Munich - Muenchen Records
World..s Largest Club Collection - DAD Media Records
Balearic House Lovers Vol 2 - Baccara Music
Brazilian house Grooves Vol1 - Brazilian House Grooves Records
66 Tracks House & Vocals.
Ministry Of Electro House vol 10.
50 Final House And Vocal House - Final House Rec
The Best Of Disco House 2009 - Club Femme Music
Ministry Of Electro House vol 12.
Happy People In The Morning vol 2.
Haute Couture (house session) - Baccara Music